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BBTV Interactive Knows Games:

Mobile Gaming X Creators

BBTV is the 2nd largest video property, with over 600 million unique viewers across its creators globally. BBTV Interactive was formed from expert games talent from IP including FIFA, Penny Arcade, Smosh, Family Guy, Iron Maiden, and Transformers, to bring mobile games to creators.

Top Creators

We have made chart-topping games with TheOdd1sOut, Chad Wild Clay, Fernanfloo, AzzyLand, Morgz, Angry Grandpa, and more.

Top-Rated Games

Our games are always top 10, averaging 4.7 stars, making us the top 0.1% of all app publishers in the world.

Why Make a Mobile Game

Create New Revenue

$100+ Billion in revenue by mobile apps in 2020, compared to YouTube’s $20 Billion. Open new revenue opportunities.

More Fan Engagement

Grow your fans’ engagement with a mobile game. More engagement only builds your brand and loyalty.

Expand Your Content

Our games will be fully integrated with your content, allowing you to create even more content.


No Up-front Cost

We fund 100% of the development costs to launch the game, no risk to you.

Simple Process

We design the dream game for your fans. You’ll review all brand-related assets and preview versions of the game.

Full Publishing Services

We provide promotional assets, App Store management, full customer support, and live game maintenance.


BBTV Interactive is the only video game publisher in the world dedicated to building and operating games for creators and their fans.

We are experts in bringing IP to life through the art and science of video games, having previously built and launched titles for brands including FIFA, Need for Speed, Crash Bandicoot, Penny Arcade, Smosh, Family Guy, Iron Maiden and Transformers.

You get the dedication and attention to detail you would expect from a small and focused team, backed by the resources of a leading media tech company.

We are experts in creating mobile games that bring content creator IP to life in a way their fans love. We seek partners who are ambitious, creative, strategic and relentlessly focused on a long term vision.

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